Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I send money?

  • Simply fill out our registration form and present completed form with your Hong Kong ID.

You may visit our website at www.hatariexpress/com/downloads/ to download our registration form.

2. What money transfer services do you provide?

  • We provide CASH PICK-UP, CREDIT TO BANK ACCOUNTS and DOOR TO DOOR remittance services.

Please click HERE for a complete list of our services.

3. What is “one reference number”

  • One reference number is a system which allows you to claim your money under any cash pick-up services that we provide. For example, your beneficiary may claim his/her money regardless to what pick up station is stated on your receipt.


4. How long does it take before my money is credited / can be claimed?

5. How old does my beneficiary/receiver have to be in order to claim money from any of your cash pick services?

  • In order to claim money, your beneficiary has to be 16 years old and above with valid government issued ID.

6. What kind and how many IDs does my receiver have to have in order to claim money?

  • Your receiver must have at least one valid ID issued by the government in order to claim money. Commonly used IDs are driver’s license, SSS ID, passport, and school ID (can be used only within the locality).

7. What is the maximum amount per remittance for cash pick up and bank to bank services?

  • There is no limit to how much you can send per day. However, for cash pick-up the limit per transaction is PHP50,000.00. Multiple transactions are allowed.
  • If your transaction is more than HKD8,000.00, we will require additional documents such as valid Hong Kong ID/passport, proof of address, source of funds and purpose of remittance.

8. What are “AMLO” transactions?

  • AMLO transactions are transactions that are above HKD8,000.00

9. What documents do I have to provide for my remittance if my transaction falls under AMLO transactions?

  • For transactions that are above HKD8,000.00, sender will have to provide Hong Kong ID/, proof of address, source of funds and purpose of remittance.

10. In cases that my assigned receiver will not be able to claim my remittance, is it possible to transfer the remittance to another person? Do I need to pay a fee?

  • Yes, it is possible to transfer your remittance to another receiver. However, you need to pay an additional processing fee of 22 HKD.

11. In cases that my assigned receiver’s name does not match his/her ID, can I file for an amendment? Do I need to pay a fee?

  • Yes, you may file for an amendment. There are no additional fees.

12. Is it possible to transfer my transaction from one money transfer service to another?

  • Under the “One Reference Number” system, your remittance can be claimed in any of our pick up stations. However, if you wish to transfer your remittance from cash pick to credit to bank (or vice versa) you must visit our shop and present your old receipt for cancellation of said transaction before we can transfer it.

13. What do I need to do if my bank account is deemed closed/dormant?

  • If your bank account is verified as closed/dormant, you may provide an alternate bank account or choose to transfer the money to one of our cash pick up services.

14. Do you provide online remit services?

  • Yes, we provide online remit services.

15. What do I need to do to send money via online remit?

  • You must be a registered sender
  • Call us for our rate of the day or to inquire for a peso equivalent of your money
  • Deposit your money in our account
  • Call us back once the money is deposited
  • Upon verification of your deposit, we will call you for your transaction’s reference number

16. Does your online remit service carry additional fee?

  • Our online remit service does not carry additional fees.